Welcome to CLEPUL, Research Centre of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. 

CLEPUL is as old as Democracy in Portugal, and was founded by Professor Jacinto Prado Coelho in the aftermath of the Carnation Revolution, commonly known as the Democratic Revolution of April 25th. Back then, CLEPUL had the broad denomination of Centre for Portuguese Literatures of the Universities of Lisbon. This Research Unit on Literary Sciences came into being with the main purpose of promoting innovative and unique research work on the universe of Literature and its cultural expressions in the countries where Camões’ language is spoken.

CLEPUL is currently home for more than 500 researchers distributed over 8 Research Groups and 7 Poles. Their work is being developed within the fields of Literary Sciences and the History of Culture, in interaction with a wide network of national and international connections firmed with cooperation protocols, from Algarve in the South, to Porto up North, to the Atlantic Islands, such as Madeira, from Australia to Canada, keeping privileged relations with the Lusophone countries, particularly with Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Guinea-Bissau.

Today, CLEPUL is one of the largest research centres in Portugal and the one with the highest number of young researchers integrated in projects and occupying key institutional positions. 

The aim of the Centre is to serve culture and science, according to the following ideary:

“To assert itself, a society needs a consistent project for culture and science.” (Manuel Antunes)

Note: When this video was made, (2012), CLEPUL only had 7 group and 4 poles. Currently, due to its growth, it has 8 groups and 5 poles.