The preparation and publication of reference works has been in recent years a strategic focus of this Research Unit. This scientific investment of resources from the different Research Groups aims to contribute to bridge major gaps signaled in Portugal and in Lusophone countries. There is still a serious lack of complete and critically framed editions of important classics of Portuguese culture, as there are significant absences of systematization and synthesis of current knowledge about certain personalities, currents, historical periods, cultural regions, major events, and major thematic fields that should be condensed in dictionaries and encyclopedias to serve as references to enhance and mark out new research, as well as to renew pedagogical curricula. 

The commitment of researchers of the Centre in forming broad interdisciplinary teams, involving experts from various foreign universities, has helped to provide much consulted reference works. Several new works of this kind are currently being prepared and edited, because of the investment in boosting new projects based on a previous diagnosis of needs that continue to persist in this field, considered of priority intervention in the context of the mission of this Research Unit.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias

  • Dicionário Temático da Lusofonia [Thematic Dictionary of Lusophony], Directed by Fernando Cristóvão
  • Dicionário Histórico das Ordens e Instituições Afins em Portugal [Historical Dictionary of Religious Orders and Related Institutions in Portugal], Directed by José Eduardo Franco, José Augusto Mourão and Ana Cristina da Costa Gomes
  • Dicionário Histórico das Ordens, Institutos Religiosos e outras formas de Vida Consagrada Católica em Portugal [Historical Dictionary of the Orders, Religious Institutes and other forms of Consecrated Catholic Life in Portugal], Directed by José Eduardo Franco


  • Dicionário da Imprensa Periódica em Portugal [Dictionary of Periodical Press in Portugal], 10 vols.
  • Dicionário de Culturas e Literaturas Ibero-Eslava [Dictionary of Iberian-Slavonic Cultures and Literatures], 4 vols.
  • Dicionário Padre António Vieira [Dictionary of Father António Vieira]
  • Dicionário de Educação para o Empreendedorismo [Dictionary of Entrepreneurship Education]
  • Dicionário Crítico Ilustrado dos Santos Luso-Brasileiros [Luso-Brazilian Critical and illustrated Dictionary of Saints]
  • Dicionário das Ordens e Congregações Franciscanas [Dictionary of Franciscan Orders and Congregations]
  • Dicionário Histórico-Crítico das Heresias [Critical-Historical Dictionary of Heresies]
  • Dicionário dos Antis: História da Cultura Portuguesa em negativo [Dictionary of Antis: History of Portuguese Culture in negative]
  • Dicionário Enciclopédico da Madeira [Encyclopedic Dictionary of Madeira]
  • Dicionário da Literaturas Portuguesa em Interartes [Dictionary of Portuguese Literature in Interarts]
  • Portugal Segundo os Países e Nações da Lusofonia [Portugal According to Lusophony's Countries and Nations]
  • O Oriente na Literatura Portuguesa (Séculos XIX-XXI), um Dicionário de Autores [The Orient in the Portuguese Literature (XIX-XXI centuries), an Authors Dictionary]

In project:
  • Dicionário do Humanismo e do Renascimento em Portugal [Dictionary of Humanism and the Renaissance in Portugal]
  • Dicionário do Século das Luzes em Portugal [Dictionary of the Enlightenment in Portugal]
  • Dicionário Enciclopédico de Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, Guiné, Timor e São Tomé e Príncipe [Encyclopedic Dictionary of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea, Timor and São Tome and Príncipe], 10 vols.
  • Dicionário Linguístico para entender as pessoas que usam piercings [Linguistic dictionary to understand people who wear piercings]
  • Dicionário da Imprensa Periódica da Madeira [Dictionary of the Periodical Press of Madeira]
  • Dicionário do Pecado: História, Cultura, Literatura e Arte [Dictionary of Sin: History, Culture, Literature and Art]
  • Dicionário da Oratória Sagrada em Portugal [Dictionary of Sacred Oratory printed in Portugal]
  • Dicionário Histórico Ilustrado dos Direitos Humanos [Illustrated Dictionary on the History of Human Rights]

Complete Works


  • Obra Completa do Padre Manuel Antunes [Complete Works of Father Manuel Antunes], 14 vols.
  • Obra Completa do Humanista Diogo de Teive [Complete Works of the Humanist Diogo de Teive]

Currently being edited and published:

  • Obra Completa do Padre António Vieira [Complete Works of Father António Vieira], 30 vols.
  • Obra Completa do Padre Manuel Álvares [Complete Works of Father Manuel Álvares], 2 vols.
  • Obra Completa de José Félix da Costa [Complete Works of José Félix da Costa], 3 vols.

In project:

  • Obra complete pombalina [Complete Works of the Marquis of Pombal], 32 vols.
  • Obra completa de Fernando Oliveira [Complete Works of Fernando Oliveira], 7 vols.
  • Obra completa de Damião de Góis [Complete Works of Damião de Góis], 10 vols.

Critical Anthologies


  • Conto Português (Séculos XIX-XXI), Antologia Crítica [The Portuguese Short Story (XIX-XXI Centuries) Critical Anthology]  3 vols.
  • O Conto na Lusofonia, Antologia Crítica [The Short Story in Lusophony, Critical Antology] 2 vols. 
  • Cadernos de Literatura de Viagens [Travel Literature Notebooks], 3 vols
  • Antologia da obra do Humanista Paiva de Andrade [Anthology of the work of the Humanist Paiva de Andrade]


  • Antologia poética do Vinho, elaborada a partir das literaturas lusófonas e europeias [Wine poetry anthology, compiled from Lusophone and European literatures]
  • Antologia do Humanismo Português [Anthology of Portuguese Humanism]
  • Antologia de textos literários e políticos sobre as Ordens [Anthology of literary and political texts about Religious Orders]
  • Dicionário antológico de Tradições Populares [Dictionary anthology of Popular Traditions], 10 vols.
  • Antologia do Conto Insular [Anthology of the Insular Folktale], 3 vols.

Historical Synthesis


  • Esplendor da Austeridade [Splendour of Austerity], Directed by José Eduardo Franco


  • História da Cultura Portuguesa em negativo [History of Portuguese Culture in Negative], 3 vols.
  • História da Literatura Portuguesa em Interartes [History of Portuguese Literature in Interarts], 3 vols.
  • Nova História Crítica Ilustrada da Madeira [New Illustrated Critical History of Madeira]
  • História Universal Ilustrada dos Direitos Humanos [Illustrated Universal History of Human Rights]
  • Portugal Tolerante: Respeito pela Diferença ao Longo da História Portuguesa (Seleção de Documentos Históricos dos Séculos XII-XXI) [Tolerant Portugal: Respect for Difference Across Portuguese History (Selection of Historical Documents from the XII-XXI Centuries]



  • Arquivo Secreto do Vaticano [Vatican Secret Archives], 3 vols. 


  • Fundo Histórico-Documental sobre Direitos Humanos [Historical Documentary Archive on Human Rights]
  • Portugal Tolerante: Documentos sobre a tolerância e o respeito pela diferença na Cultura Portuguesa [Tolerant Portugal: Documents on Tolerance and Respect for Difference in Portuguese Culture]

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