CLEPUL’s Poles, led by a coordinator, are considered research centres with certain degree of autonomy. The Poles gather a broad group of researchers linked to a research area with its own scientific identity.

The Poles resulted from the integration of former small or medium sized CLEPUL research centres, or were created within the context of the development of research unities in universities that gather a significant number of researchers and their own projects, setting a certain scientific and institutional identity.

Each Pole is associated to a Research Group, according to its main line of research.

African Studies (Catholic University of Angola in Benguela), associated to Group 2

From Latinity to Multiculturalism (University of Madeira), associated to Group 3

Arts and Sciences (University Fernando Pessoa), associated to Group 4

History, Culture and Education (Federal University of Sergipe), associated to Group 6

Connecting Worlds: Politics, Communication and Culture (Universidade Aberta), associated to Group 7